GFS Rugby: A New Beginning

This year there are more fall sports than usual.  Jeff Fetterman has started a new rugby/cross fit team. They learn new skills everyday in the game of rugby. For those who don’t know about rugby it is a very physical sport, men generally play it with a ball a little larger then a football. This sport can be very dangerous though, people tackle each other with out any padding or helmets. This can lead to injuries from a broken finger to a concussion that could end your career.  This team was formed this year to get kids in shape and to teach them rugby.

When I interviewed Jeff  he told me that he saw the need to let boys be boys and let out their energy. He found a game (rugby) that not many boys had played and was a lot of fun. Eventually, Jeff says that he will try to make three teams and play some rugby tournaments within themselves. The team meets at the Smith Gym everyday and talks about what practice has in store for them. They then travel to the boys club field and run in groups passing and kicking the rugby ball. Afterwards the kids stretch for a good 5-7 minutes and get right into drilling the many skills one needs to be a rugby player. After drilling sometimes Jeff lets the boys have a head to head rugby game.

Jeff says that the boys are still going over the basics but are a great group of kids and are learning at a fast and healthy speed. The boys once a week play fun games such as knee tackle speed ball in the wrestling room and other games like that. These games lead to some team building exercises and fitness activities. Jeff says that one main goal of this team is to stay and get healthy and fit and to have a good time. Well after this, all I can say is, go Tigers!