Your Favorite Foods May Not be Doing You Favors

Prepare yourself. Most of your favorite foods may be on this list. Unfortunately, some of the foods and drinks that are loved so much may actually be very bad for you. These foods may be so tasty, but they are just loaded with sugar, different kinds of fat, and chemicals that can be harmful if consumed too much.Ice Cream:One of the things that makes ice cream so good is all the sugar that is in it. Not only is there sugar but there is tons of trans fat which is one of the worst kinds of fats. Also artificial colors and flavors go in to making ice cream, for example cotton candy ice cream has lots of artificial colors.

Corn Chips: Corn chips cause rapid blood sugar. This may cause gain in weight and possibly mood swings. Most all corn chips are fried in bad oils.

Pizza: Don’t worry not all pizza is bad for you. Although the pizza that you would find in grocery store is. It contains artificial dough conditioners and other preservatives that can cause gain in weight and blood sugar imbalances.

French Fries: Your side of french fries are worse than you think. French fries contain a ton of trans fat which is one of the worst fats. Your fries are also linked to many harmful diseases after being fried in oil.

Potato Chips: Potato chips and french fries are almost exactly alike. One thing about potato chips is that they contain more acrylamide than french fries. Acrylamide is formed when white potato’s are heated at very high temperatures.

Bacon: Sadly bacon is on this list. Bacon is a processed meat and processed meats increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Hot Dogs: Along with bacon, hotdogs are a processed meat that lots of people love. Hot dogs also can increase the risk of cancer. Sodium nitrite is found in hot dogs and bacon.

Doughnuts: You might want to stop taking you trip to Dunkin Donuts every mourning for your daily doughnut. The average doughnut is 35 to 40 percent trans fat which I said before is one of the worst fats for you. The average doughnut also has about 300 calories.

Soda: That soda in your hand has about ten teaspoons of sugar, about 150 calories, 30 to 55 mg of caffeine, and tons of artificial food colors. It will take more then 30 cups of pH-balanced water to neutralize the acid of that one coke.

Diet Soda: Now you may really be confused; how is diet soda worst than regular soda? It is. Diet soda has all the same things that regular soda has but diet soda has a chemical called AminoSweet. You’ll be better off going with the regular soda because AminoSweet has tons of harmful risks including fatigue, headaches, muscle cramps and more.