What do teachers do with ALL their free time?

By Jesse James McIlhenny

We all know and love these great teachers, but if you aren’t in their homeroom class, do you really know them? I interviewed some teachers about what they like to do in their free time, and this is what they said.Rhonda Jones Levy: Rhonda buys shoes online from Nordstrom, takes walks, reads, and has been know to watch Judge Judy (shh that’s a secret).

Sarah Detwiler: Sarah reads, go hiking, skiing and snowboarding, biking, arts & crafts,  likes to play with her kids.

Jeff Fetterman: Jeff likes canoeing, playing with his dog Otter, motorcycling, being outdoors, and spending time with his wife.

June Gondi: June likes to hike, and read and write murder mysteries.

Kate Jones: Kate likes to bake, bike, and sometimes do math, which makes sense because she is a math teacher.

Jessa Agner: Jessa likes crafting, quilting, photography, video-making, going to the zoo with her 2 year old, and spending time with her family.

-Jesse James McIlhenny