iPad Air: Light or Laughable?

On Tuesday, October 22nd, Apple Software unveiled 2 of their new tablet devices. Among some upgrades to the iMacs, MacBooks, and Mac Pros, Apple showed the new iPad Air and iPad Mini to the world. The last iPad keynote speech was less than a year ago. This year, Apple has yet again launched products aimed for the holiday shopping season.  Many updates came during this keynote as the computer giant displayed multiple new features of the next generation of Apple tablets.

please help me!The main update is the size. As you may have noticed, the new tablet is fittingly deemed “Air”. You’re probably thinking this is a step towards the MacBook Air, but you would be wrong. Previously, the name “Air” meant less features, lightweight, and smaller. This time, the iPad takes a new step and packs even more than previous generations. The iPad Air sports a smaller bezel (The white or black frame around the touch screen), so really, it’s a larger version of the miniature iPad. The new model is 28% lighter and 20% thinner than the iPad 4. The innards of the iPad come complete with Apple’s latest A7 Quad-core processing unit with better graphics, better performance, and 10 hour battery life. The frame of the device uses twice the amount of antennae than the previous and boasts much faster wireless internet capability. As for the software, it comes with iOS 7, iMovie, Garageband, iPhoto, Pages, and Numbers pre-installed. The price for these neat new devices starts at $499 for a wi-fi only version, and $629 for a wi-fi and cellular data version.

Alongside the iPad Air, comes its sidekick, the brand new iPad Mini. This time around, the iPad Mini got less buzz than its companion. The new miniature iPad features an A7 processor and retina display. The software is similar to the iPad Air, it contains all of the Apple-made work applications and features iOS 7. The price range starts at $399 for a wi-fi only 16GB version, and $529 for the wi-fi and cellular data version.

Both products are to be released alongside a set of cases. These “smart covers” and cases are extremely similar to the previous. Both feature magnets that connect to metal rods inside of the device and upon lifting the cover, it unlocks the tablet. The main difference is that there are now 3 instead of 4 sections to folding the cover. This really isn’t that much of a difference, but does make folding the cover much easier. The new covers are to be in very similar colors to the recently released iPhone5C. These covers include blue, red, yellow, green, and black. Surprisingly, these new iPads did not come with a champagne gold metal finish or a Touch ID sensor, contrary to popular rumors. Overall, these new tablets are a great addition to the Apple family and go along well with the new branding of products. Happy shopping!