Siblings: the Good, the Bad, and the Stuff You Just Don’t Want to Mention

Everybody wonders why their siblings do what they do. “Why are you so annoying?!” “Why do you need something now?!” These are just a couple examples of common questions siblings ask. Now, a lot of people think that the older sibling always plays the role of asking the question. However, there are times when the older sibling plays the role of the annoying one. Trust me, I would know.I have two siblings, both older. My brother is the oldest, being eighteen years old turning nineteen in January. My sister follows, currently the oldest sibling in the house due to my brother’s year long trip to Israel. I stand proud as the youngest sibling in my family.

Granted, there are disadvantages to being the youngest. First, the youngest sibling is the one that is picked on. My brother and sister have pranked me and picked on me since I could understand what they were saying. Next, I don’t always have permission to buy something without my siblings’ consent. In other words, if they say no, I don’t get it. If I complain, I have a chance of losing something. Finally, my siblings have the power to take back their orginal ruling. If I was just borrowing a book I wanted to read from my brother, he can steal the book right back accusing me of destroying it.

On the other side of it, an older sibling will occasionally admit to being cruel. However, they will then usualy give a reason for their being cruel. The arguments are usually pretty bad to be honest. The excuses could be things like “he was annoying me” or “I’m trying to do something.” I know all you older siblings might not like this, but in my house at least, it happens.

It is clear that siblings do love each other though. Us three siblings in my house love each other deeply. However, we can get on each other’s nerves from time to time. There are certainly times when we just want to put each other in a box of shame to cry in for an hour. Well, at least that is probably what my siblings would do. I would probably just return the favor and annoy them.

To be fair to the older siblings, I will give them strategies in order to avoid being annoyed. First, don’t let your younger sibling(s) have what they want from time to time. My sister has done this to me plenty of times in the past few weeks. I would get home from school and sit down to have a snack before starting my homework. She would be watching TV. I would ask her to turn something of my choice on while I eat. She would deny multiple times and then add the point that she would have to start her homework soon. This would go on, but the point of the story is, I end up losing. Another thing you could do is, well, that is really it that I know of. I don’t know a lot about the other side. Sorry.

Anyway, for all of us here at The Corner, I am Gabe Goldberg. I wish you all a merry sibling rivalry.