Goodbye Samantha

samanthaDefinition of the word GOODBYE:”a conventional expression used at leave-taking or parting with people”. Samantha Goldstein bids farewell to GFS this Friday as she begins a new exciting leg of life’s adventure. Her family is moving to Seattle and in spite of our protests they are taking her with them. A GFSer since first grade, Samantha leaves our community poorer for her absence, but unquestionably richer for having known her over the past years. For those of you that don’t know Samantha, the first thing that will strike you about her is her beautiful smile; it practically knocks you over as she walks down the hallway.  It’s infectious!   Knowing her in any context is a true pleasure.  

Samantha is special in too many ways to count, but let’s try to name at least a few anyway. Let’s start with some basics. Samantha is a person of many interests and talents and a wonderful friend. She’s loves chocolate, rainbow loom, Taylor Swift and Harry Potter.  One of her friend’s, Olivia Wells, tells us that Sam listens to Taylor Swift and can be found sometimes in front of the TV watching Project Runway or Cake Boss.  You won’t find her vegging on the couch too often though because Samantha is an accomplished, talented  and busy actress starring in many productions both inside and outside of school.  Most recently, she totally nailed the female lead in the eighth grade project time production of “She Stoops to Conquer” amusing all with a pitch perfect performance.  Peter Lai, her homeroom advisor in seventh grade, reminded us recently of some of Samantha’s other accomplishments.  Last year Samantha was the featured anchor describing the new Wii 2 in an online advertisement. Wow!   Watching your classmate on the web.  How cool is that.  

These are just a few bits and pieces that compose the amazing person that is Samantha.  When you say goodbye to our community this Friday, Samanth please look back and flash us that amazing smile one more time.  It will stay with us forever.  We love you and will miss you terribly. Please never forget all your friends at Germantown Friends School. Now go out there and knock em dead kiddo!