Burgundy Fatigue: The Problem with the Anchorman 2 Ads

You may or may not have seen Anchorman 2, but you probably felt like you did. The movie’s advertising campaign was one of the biggest in the history of advertising. MV5BMjE5ODk0NjQzNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODk4MDA1MDE@._V1_SX214_There were posters, billboards, trailers, and a partnership with Dodge Durango for over forty ads, both on television and online, ranging from Ron Burgundy (the protagonist) talking to a horse, to chucking eggs at the car, to having a staring contest with a different horse. Will Ferrell also went on tour as Ron Burgundy, doing speeches and even having Emerson College rename it’s communication school to the Ron Burgundy School of Communication for the day. He also had a Ben and Jerry’s flavor named after him.

A sequel to the 2004 success Anchorman wasn’t expected this late, especially compared to the action movies that are practically making the sequel before the original. There is speculation, however, that the sheer amount of ads, and the amount of exposure to Ron Burgundy might not have helped the movie. Even at Emerson, some professors were complaining about his presence on the schools campus. Two weeks before the movie was released, many people were experiencing “Burgundy fatigue”. Take these quotes from twitter: “Ron Burgundy is overexposed”, “I’ve seen so much Ron Burgundy promo crap it’s killed my desire to see Anchorman 2″. Similar quotes were everywhere, saying things just like that.

The movie itself wan’t that  bad, but many people in the older demographic were repelled by the amount of ads. The company also likely spent thousands of dollars on the ads alone, though they didn’t do too bad, with a gross worldwide product of around 170 million dollars. Whether Paramount Pictures will do the same thing with the sequel, if they do make a third, we will just have to wait and see. It is quite possible that more movie ads will follow Ron’s lead.