Candy Crush vs Candy Swipe

Candy Crush Saga has stolen people’s hearts and their dollars. It is highly addictive. It is one of the most popular apps on both Android and iOS. Debuting in 2012, it has become the third most popular grossing apps in the world earning over $633,000 a day in the US section of the iOS App Store alone.

imgres-1As of July 2013, it has been estimated that Candy Crush Saga has about 6.7 million active users. and earns revenue. Despite all of the popularity surrounding the game, the little known app, CandySwipe, has been causing some controversy with, the makers of Candy Crush. Some people think that CandySwipe is some cheap bandwagon knockoff trying to trick people into downloading it instead of the original app.

But in reality, Candy Crush came out two full  years later than Candy Swipe. Candy Crush is the knock off and it may have swiped the idea from Candy Swipe. These are the artworks from each of the apps.

As you can see, Candy Crush has taken heavy inspiration from the candy graphics that Candy Swipe used, and also the “Sweet!” logo that you get whenever you get a high combo.  CandySwipe’s creator, Albert Ransom, of Runsome Apps, wrote an open letter to the CEO of Here are some quotes from the letter:

“I created my game CandySwipe in memory of my late mother who passed away at an early age of 62 of leukemia. I released CandySwipe in 2010 five months after she passed and I made it because she always liked these sorts of games. In fact, if you beat the full version of the android game, you will still get the message saying ‘…the game was made in memory of my mother, Layla…’”

Now, I never really liked Candy Crush, and this seriously does not help. For a company so large and rich as, you would think that they could afford to have at least some better ethics in the world of mobile applications. This does not make me want to get Candy Crush and pay money for powerups and whatever, and I would like more people to spread the word about this example of corporate greed.