Apple CarPlay Release

Apple recently  announced their attempt to put the IOS operating system into modern cars. This big step forward will change the way we use our phones and devices on the move. Screenshot-2014-03-04-07.48.19This system will feature hands free activation of Siri Apple’s voice command service as well as other things. With CarPlay plugging in a IPhone 5, 5C, and 5S will turn the vehicle screen into a IPhone remote. The user will be able to make calls, hear voicemails, use Siri to send a text message, receive directions, and open Spotify as well as other music services. Apple promises that this service is completely safe but that does not eliminate worries from drivers worldwide.

Some contributors have expressed worries about the dangers of looking at a dashboard instead of focusing on the road. Texting while driving is already a big danger in the country with the CarPlay system people will be using the dashboard as their phone or entertainment system. Theories that this will cause substantially more accidents with drivers because of loss of focus on the road.      The system is being shown off at the Geneva Auto Show in the Swiss city of Geneva. This system will be released later this year with Volvo, Ferrari, and Mercedes Benz as the starting partners for CarPlay. Something similar to this occurred earlier this year Google announced that they would be bringing the Android operating system to Audi,GM, Honda, and Hyundai vehicles.