Sochi: Was It Worth It?

The recent hype in the world has been centered around the Olympics. Ending a couple weeks ago, people have been debating whether the games were good entertainment and worth watching. Well, here is my view on them. The opening ceremony was not the best. I thought Vancouver was much better and more exciting. Lots of problems occurred during Sochi’s ceremony. The biggest was probably the most important part of the entire ceremony. The one thing everybody wants to see is when the rings form in some unique way. The Russians did it with snowflakes. They had five giant snowflakes hanging in the stadium. The goal was to have all five turn into rings creating the olympic logo. Only four changed. The snowflake in the top right corner never transformed. The worst part: the whole world saw the mistake, except for Russia. Russian television did not show the snowflakes taking form, so only the people who were actually at the stadium knew of the mistake. Now, many people were angry about the error. And when I say angry, I mean furious. There are rumors that the person who’s fault the snowflake error was, was found dead in his apartment. Are these rumors true? I have no idea. Probably not. But they still exist.

Drew, Sigourney (C) and Bowman of U.S. practice during warm sessions ahead of women's freestyle skiing halfpipe qualification round at 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games in Rosa KhutorAnyway, on to the actual sports. There weren’t too many surprises. The US medaled in skeleton, luge, and two-man bobsled, which were all unexpected. Russia finished atop the medal count with 32 medals. Shaun White and Shani Davis didn’t medal at all in their best events. I feel worse for Shaun White, who withdrew from the snowboard slopestyle, his only other event, just to prepare for the halfpipe. As expected, the Netherlands dominated speed skating, while the Russians won a lot of medals in Short Track. Canada defended their gold medal in hockey, but the US did not defend their silver. In the semifinals, the US lost to Canada 1-0 in a very tight game. The US then played for the bronze medal against Finland. They did not live up to expectations at all in the bronze medal game. Long story short, Finalnd defeated the US 5-0 in the game. The US did dominate the slopestyle events, winning gold in all four of the events. There weren’t too many surprises in alpine skiing. The US grabbed a couple medals in those events. As for figure skating, Russia won in the team event. They also won the pairs skate. However, Merryl Davis and Charlie White won the gold medal in Ice Dancing.
Overall, it was a disappointing olympics. The only sports that were fun to watch were snowboard cross and hockey. There were some impressive perfomances, but not many. A Belarusian woman won three golds in the biathelon, already the most decorated Belarusian woman in history of the winter olympics. The closing ceremonies were not much better than the opening. Yet again mistakes were made, but it was MUCH harder to point them out than the snowflake error. Some wondered if Russia would change after the Sochi games. People thought it would do the country some good. Well I have news for you. It didn’t. Just a couple weeks after the closing ceremonies, the Russians sent troops into Ukraine, against the wishes of the Ukrainian people.
It turns out Sochi was almost a waste of time. People wanted to enjoy watching. I don’t know about other people, but I didn’t really. In my mind, Sochi was pretty much a waste of time besides the snowboard cross and hockey. That’s it. You can go back to living now.