Does Beyoncé Make you Crave Pepsi?

Everywhere you look in America, big companies seem to be trying to sell you something. Billboards on the highway. Commercials on TV. Jennifer Aniston blowing kisses for Aveeno. Taylor Swift holding up Diet Coke and flashing a sweet, bright smile. These celebrities are paid millions. Their message consists of something along these lines: “Freak out! If you drink Diet Coke you’ll get the body of Taylor Swift! If you use Aveeno you’ll have the skin of Jennifer Aniston!” But do these endorsements and advertisements really work?adphotocollage Do the airbrushed celebs really sell more lotion or soft drinks? Does the cheesesteak shuffle really make you want to buy Geico insurance? (This is one of Geico’s latest commercials being featured in the Olympics.) Companies are selling you everything from the new, fancy, expensive iPhone 5S to a Big Mac at McDonald’s. Commercials and ads seem to take over one’s life. Companies are always in your face saying: “Buy my product! Buy one, get one free! Our product is better than all others!” Sometimes it makes me want to run in the opposite direction!

The same ads are repeated over and over again. It is like a popular song that is stuck in your head. As you hear these things more and more you begin to see the positives in each of the products. That must be exactly what the companies are going for. Do you ever see images you just can’t forget? That seems like what companies are doing. Advertising has skyrocketed in the late 20th and 21st centuries. The increase is good for the companies trying to sell you things; the public is more exposed to their product; but is it making the lives of normal people who don’t own a big company any better? Think about it. Does buying that product, say… a Frosty from Wendy’s, make your life any better? Does it make you feel like life is all lollipops and gumdrops and rainbows and unicorns or does it just make you sick and fat?

But, there are exceptions to the generally useless ads; sometimes these products can make your life better. Maybe an iPhone will help you do certain things for your job. Maybe you have rosacea and have been searching for a product to control it. Some of these products can help but do companies need to be in your face about it? Maybe buying more and more isn’t always the answer. These commercials may seem stupid to you, but the company actually has something going for them if they can get your attention. Consumers buying more is exactly what the company wants. Above all is money. All successful ads lead to money for the company; and less for the consumers. Probably, spending more money and supporting these companies is not great for the consumers and normal people. When it comes down to it, think before you buy, and these advertisers know what they are doing, so don’t fall into their trap of  24/7 spending.