You’ll Know What We Mean When You Meet Him

Fred asks a question. The entire class remains silent. Fred looks around. “Really? No-one?” The class remains silent. Fred settles his gaze on the girls in the corner. “Why not one of you? You haven’t answered any questions yet. You’re like a, a, a meek little lamb village. Over there.”

FredBrownIf you do not take Latin I, you may still know Fred Brown. Fred also teaches both Latin and Greek in the upper school, and co-coaches the upper school cross country team and teaches upper school drama.

Fred is a wonderful teacher with a unique and charismatic style. Many students surveyed for this article reinforced Fred as one of their favorite teachers at GFS. Unfortunately, Fred will be leaving GFS at the end of this year. In honor of Fred, here is a collection of his best quotes.

Some of the exact dates or wording for Fred’s quotes have been lost deep within the memories of his students and, as such, are irreplaceable. However, our crack team of researchers and scribes have recreated the phrases to the best of their ability, and what you see here is a near replica of what actually transpired.

And so, without further ado, let us begin. [note that all events are real and transpired sometime within the confines of the 2013-2014 school year in the Latin I class.]

One day, Fred was explaining the genitive case, which indicates possession, to the class. As he explains to us how possession limits a noun, he said, “So Luke has a cow. And I say, ‘a cow’. Well, that could be any cow. But if I say, ‘Luke’s cow’, then that means it’s not just any cow, it’s Luke’s cow. Luke’s cow could have rockets for legs, it could be anything, but that’s Luke’s cow. It’s Luke’s cow.”

After reading a Latin dialogue which had had a mean teacher as a main theme, Fred put on an angry facade and yelled, “Heus! Sst! Sst! Faveus lingue!” [translation: Hey! Shh! Shh! Be Quiet!]and threw a piece of chalk at the head of a Latin I student named Giza’s head, narrowly missing him in a hilarious attempt at mocking mean teachers and the public school system.

While explaining indirect objects to the class, Fred gave the Latin I class this example, “Say Sophie [a student] was in the corner. And she was building a fort, she was preparing. And you came up to me, and you said, ‘For what is Sophie preparing?’ And I would say, “She’s preparing for war,”, she’s preparing for war.”

Fred as a police officer in the Pirates of Penzance but that’s another story!!!

When Giza was complaining about the homework load in the class, saying that he didn’t have a choice about the homework he had, Fred interjected, saying, “No, you have a choice. I’m giving you a choice. You always have a choice. For example, you could kill me. Right now. You could murder me right on the spot, but you’d go to jail.”

And remember, as Fred always said, “commodo non hauriendam verpa in libris”.