In the Germantown Friends Upper  School there is a club for only the bravest of souls. This club is called Mock Trial; kids compete with other schools as lawyers witnesses and time keepers. Many kids sign up, but only the hardiest of mind and body survive.  This year 33 students were divided among three teams. In their third season of competition, Team 1 (of 3) came in at 3rd place in the semi-finals after a difficult defeat against Roman Catholic School.

20140224_Mock Trial Team_0254-2Here’s how it works. At the beginning of the year. the teams receive a fake trial created by the Pennsylvania Bar Young Lawyer’s Association. They must prepare to either defend or prosecute. They each are assigned a role and must write things such as opening and closing statements. This year the case involved a coach, a mother and a daughter. The coach allowed the girl to “dope up.” After many times the girl overdosed and died. In the case, the mother has sued the coach stating that he turned a blind eye to her daughter and allowed her to die. Each trial is a hard and grueling experience where the kids have to perform to their best ability without the help of their coach. There is much drama involved and things don’t always go the way they should, such as coaches signaling to the kids and the judge helping the losing team. In order to be a good lawyer, one must memorize most of the rules so that they can object when an opposing lawyer is breaking a rule. As the brother of one of the members, I hear a lot of drama and frustration out of it, when i ask why do you do it he says” I don’t know but its fun.” My brother even though he is a hard worker is weighed down by the work involved in preparing for the trial.

This team is lead by hard working 12th graders and the coach, Rhonda Levy. In order to join this club you would have to sign up at the club fair. Sometimes this club is very rewarding and sometimes you might feel like you should quit. So be strong and don’t give up. Rhonda told me that she enjoys working with the kids, but sometimes it can be hard.