Puerto Rico: The Fifty First State?

flagShould Puerto Rico become a state?   Many Americans and Puerto Ricans believe that Puerto Rico should join the U.S. This is because: 1. All people born in Puerto Rico are automatically granted a U.S. Citizenship. 2. They are able to vote in every election that a “regular” american can vote in. 3. Other previously self-governing nations have become states, such as Alaska, Texas, and Hawaii. 4. Many U.S. presidents such as Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush have proposed its statehood 5. In a 2012 survey, 61.15% or Puerto Ricans favored statehood.

Since Puerto Ricans want to have Puerto Rico become a state, I think that they should become a state. Since they already have most of the same benefits as Americans do, I think that they should just become a state. This would help the American Economy over time by means of tourism and taxes, but a large up-front payment will be required to pay for  making it a state, as it would be the poorest state. Puerto Rico’s main language is also Spanish, and a lot of people living there would have to learn English to receive the benefits that would come with becoming a state. Puerto Rico would also lose its status to be eligible to compete in the Olympics, as it would not be considered a country. Finally, most Americans seem to think that 50 is the perfect number of states, and that it would change the entire view on this country if we had any other number. In my opinion, the proposed 51 star flag looks pretty cool.