Drugged? Is bigger and stronger better for the game?

The thought of Major League Baseball players of getting bigger and stronger is not new. You may think that because the 1990’s to the early 2000’s was named the “steroid era” that means that players in the 90’s were the first ones to get the idea that getting bigger and stronger would boost there game. Well, you’re wrong. Pud GalvinIn 1889, a pitcher named Pud Galvin was the first widely known player to use a banned substance. Pud used an elixir containing monkey testosterone and not thought much of it at the time. Although other Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’S) have always been banned, in 1991 Major League Baseball banned all steroids. Here is a short list of some players that have been suspended because of the use of PED’s Player Year Penalty

Alex Sanchez 2005 10 days
Mike Morse 2005 10 days
Jason Grimsly 2006 50 games
Manny Ramirez 2011 100 games
Carlos Ruiz 2012 25 games
Alex Rodriguez 2013 162 games

There are many others, but these are just some that show how the penalties have grown over the years. In the beginning a player would be suspended for 10 days, so that if the team they played for had two off days after their penalty was given, they would only miss 8 games. The penalties have now been changed to games, and are no longer limited to days. Jose Canseco is one of the best players that had used banned drugs. He states in his bookjuiced Juiced that 80% of the players from the steroid era, and that he credits steroids for all his success in his whole career. There is now a debate on weather or not to let players who have taken banned drugs in the Hall of Fame, in Cooperstown, New York. There are a few players who have made it to the Hall of Fame, who have used steroids. Barry Bonds is one of the most famous for using PED’s. Bond’s holds the record with 762 home runs in his career. In Bond’s early years as a pro, he stayed away from steroids, and was a really good player, hitting loads of home runs. Before steroids, Bond was hitting around 20 to 30 home runs a year, but when he started using PED’s his home run totals moved into the 40’s. One year, he hit 73 home runs that stands as the current record. Speaking of records, there is debate on whether or not Bonds should hold the home run record because he had the aid of PED’s while Hank Aaron who is second on the list did not have any help of PED’s. Baseball players really have to be careful because there are some pain-killers and other medicines that are banned, but if a player is trying to relieve a head-ache that is one thing. It’s when a player is cheating to make themselves bigger to give themselves the advantage that’s the problem. Size is something that you are born with and that you work for. Not something that is given.