Goodbye Ken

For many, the first time they see Middle School Principal Ken Aldridge is at their sixth grade orientation. “Remember,” sixth grade teacher Janet Kalkstein says, “He’s your PrinciPAL. Hokey puns aside, Ken really is one of the most warmly regarded figures in the Middle School. Described as “the perfect balance between understanding and responsible,” Ken’s calm, friendly, manner makes him a great principal. Which is why it really stinks that he won’t be ours next year!

Ken left the George School in 1996, joining the GFS community as a science teacher. In addition to teaching environmental science and advanced chemistry, he was also a chemistry tutor and tennis coach. Ken became Middle School Principal in 2007, fourteen years after the middle school began. As Middle School Secretary Saku Longshore says: “Everybody trusted him right away. There’s [been] a huge amount of trust, [especially in] his ability to put out fires.”

Over his sixteen years as Middle School Principal, trust has certainly been a theme with Ken. Teachers, parents and students alike have trusted and respected him for the duration of his time in the Middle School. However, now Ken is leaving. Next Fall, Ken will join the faculty of Wilmington Friends School as their new Associate Head of School. Ken’s new job will allow him to help create the curriculum for WFS, as well as many other things.

Apart from being Principal, Ken has many other interests, including rooting for the Phillies and Eagles. He has been a great Principal for all of us here at The Corner. Ken really makes an effort to get to know all of his students, and so, in turn, they get to know him. Strong, often silent, but never unapproachable, he has stood as one of the only constants in a Middle School that is constantly changing. Ken, thank you for a great fourteen years. Wilmington Friends is lucky to have you.