Gossip Girl, Gossip Boy

Schools and parents want to believe that this new group of kids will be better than the last. They want to believe that we won’t stab each other in the back, whisper about each other or exclude each other. But I’m pretty sure that this has always happened, and is fairly natural. And I’m pretty sure it will continue to happen until the authorities fit us for muzzles.

I wish this wasn’t true. I wish that I didn’t feel the pressure to trash people just because my friends disliked them. I wish my friends and I didn’t talk about people behind their backs, knowing full well they do the same about us.

My pet peeve is when you have friends in different social groups. I know this applies to a lot of people, including me. But have you ever been hanging out with a friend when they start talking about what their friend (who you don’t have any relationship with whatsoever) said about your friend? Not only does this make you sad and angry on your friends behalf, but you also leave wondering, What did that girl say about me?

Of course you can’t ask your friend. They’re not going to tell you if it was negative, and if it wasn’t important they’re just going to lie and say, Oh, yeah, she thinks you’re really cool. Sure, I bet that’s what she said.

Middle School social groupings are mystifying to me. I think they were decided the year in fifth grade when I had an ear infection that kept me at home for a week. Not only are you constantly trying to figure out what group you belong to, but you have an infinite number of issues with the other groups as well.