Sports, Mandatory, OR NAW!

softballfunnyLets discuss middle school sports. It’s long been a requirement that kids in 7th and 8th grade play three sports. Some kids don’t want to play sports and some do. The result of our current system is that kids who don’t want to play sports are forced to play. To get on a better team, you need a certain skill level so in order to get on the A team for soccer you need to be good. In some sports such as baseball, teams are split up by grade level. If people that are forced to play in eighth grade don’t want to play than why are some teams not based on merit, but on grade level? If there is a person who is new to the game why are they playing against the A teams from different schools? I believe one of the ideas behind required sports is to make kids get exersize. This is a good in theory,  but can never be perfect because of the imperfect nature of the human. Plus, physical education is mandated four times a weeks so students are getting exercise four out of the five days of the school week.

I asked several kids about the sports requirement.  I got a lot of, ” I don’t think they should be mandatory” and “when sports are mandatory then we don’ t get enough time to do homework!”  Hardly a scientific study, but somewhat informative.

I agree with these statements fully. I think that people who don’t want to do sports should be able to work on the things they do enjoy during that time such as drama or working on the school newspaper just to name a few. Although sports can help with a college scholarship, so can other activities such as, working on a political campaign, getting a job, or even being a good programmer. I think sports are great for students who are interested, but if people don’t wanna play they just bring down the team and the whole sports program. Now, if sports were not required, then it might be difficult geting enough people to play on the teams. Other schools deal with this by having one swing A-B team. This would be the best way to focus on improving players that aspire to play a sport in the future.

All in all, I think sports should not be mandatory and whoever wants to play should be able to play.  I hope others would consider sports as fun rather than purely for competition. Students work hard all day long and there are many activities that could happen after school that would be both beneficial and provide students with an opportunity to learn, be part of a group or do something they are really interested in.