Google Gaining on Apple?

The first thing we think of when someone mentions Apple is the iPhone, iPad, iMac, and iPod. When we think of Google we think of our daily routine that involves us Googling a person, place or event. With that said, the question becomes, how do these two companies have such a cut-throat competition?

Although Google is not known as the number one phone or tablet maker, the company does in fact have its own line of tablets and phones called the Nexus line. What this means is that Google is slowly creeping up on Apple’s territory, causing Apple to create more unique and feature filled products. Apple’s newest release, the Apple Watch (Yes, not the iWatch) threw Apple into the wearables game. Although not many details about the Apple Watch are known yet, we do know that the watch could be a good competitor to the Android Wear platform. So far the Android Wear platform is a simple platform that revolves around Google Now platform, Google’s voice assistance software. Android Wear so far is only on five devices sold through the Google Play store. Apple, on the other hand, announced that the Apple Watch should be in stores in January of 2015, after the 2014 holiday season.

Similar to most of the other releases of Apple, the Apple Watch will start at around $329 for  either the original watch model or the sport model, as opposed to the line of Android Wear devices that start at $199 and continue up to about $300. As an example, when Apple released the Apple iPhone 6, Apple received 10 million pre-orders on the first day it was available. This opens a whole new level of competition between the two major tech giants.

Apple and Google have always been competing for the attention as the top dog, although this may bring a whole new level of anxiety throughout the management of the two companies.  When Google and Apple began, both had completely different product categories. Apple was making the original Mac I and Mac II (now known as “dinosaur computers”), and Google began their journey to being the most used and best search engine (see how not using Google one day of your life works). The question is, when did these two companies start to edge into each others territory? The answer is in January of 2010, when Google released its first smartphone, the Nexus 1. In July of 2007 Apple released the first line of touch screen devices, the iPhone 1st generation. Three years passed when Apple was the one company that had the simple one touch interface.

Now there are so many Android phones on the market, each with different features, sizes,  and screen pixel amounts. Apple on the other hand releases one or two new devices a year with the signature Apple features (physical home button, good camera, and crisp displays) and all with extremely high prices.

Apple and Google are without a doubt the two most profitable tech giants in the world. The winner will be whoever can come up with the most modern and innovative tech of the time.