Cuteness: Harmless or Harmful?

Cute-Baby-hdwallpapersAdorable. Cute. Sweet. Awww!!! Oh my gosh. These are all things we have said when seeing an especially adorable puppy, or bunny, or even a little kitten. But can being adorable benefit a person or animal more than meets the eye? Wikipedia seemed like the first stop to learning about “cuteness”. It defines cuteness as “a subjective term describing a type of attractiveness commonly associated with youth and appearance…”. To paraphrase the page, Wikipedia states something along these lines: that cuteness is an evolutionary trap that ensures that parents care for and protect their young. A 2009 study by Sprengelmeyer using baby faces concluded that generally, women are more sensitive to cuteness than men. Konrad Lorenz further suggests that something adorable induces care-taking behavior in many people. This is probably why people actually care for their children and small animals.

This was enough cold-blooded research, and I tried to find out how cuteness affects on real people. I interviewed my friend Sylvie Goodblatt, who works at a dog shelter. Sylvie stated that as soon as a cute dog comes in, it gets snatched up immediately. Because they are cute, theses animals are provided a nice home, and shelter. Say you saw a tiny, wet, whining dog alone on a street. It whines, and you take it inside and cuddle it a little bit. Now, be honest, would you do the same thing for an ugly, hulking, snorting Doberman.

Being sweet and cute gets you stuff, which I know from my position as the youngest in the family for a while. People would come around just to coo at the ‘sweet little baby’ Leah. Now, of course, I find this absolutely horrifying. Personally, I hate my family members cooing over me and pinching my cheek. It’s just demoralizing. That’s what my baby cousin is for. (but does even she really like it? NO.) Being adorable can also be a defense technique. Lure something close with whining and pawing, and then lash out, and hurt it. I think this is how bunnies survive in the wild. Just… being adorable all over the place. It’s unacceptable. Also, if someone cute asks you to do something unreasonable, you are more likely to do it than if it was a really unattractive person making the same request. I think this “cuteness” thing could be the downfall of our entire society. Imagine it. Puppies, kittens and cute people just going everywhere, just always getting what they want. Think about it. You can’t really get angry at a sweet, harmless little kitty… can you?