Editorial: Bridging the Gap

The narcissus daffodil flower is named after the myth about the dude who couldn’t stop staring at himself in the water. Keep this in mind later.

Are we the greatest generation? There seems to be a point of view that the generation we as middle schoolers are a part of isn’t as good as the ones before. Sure, not everything about us as a generation is great, but it’s not all bad either. We are certainly different from any other generation, and it’s because of the environment that we have come out of.

Before we judge each generation, there are certain social norms that come with each generation. A lot can change in a couple of years, and what is happening around the world often affects how each generation acts. World crises, how people act towards each other and technology are the three main factors of how a generation will behave.

Social Normalities are something that we act upon in regular daily life. What’s considered okay is based on how and where you were brought up. So when people say people were a certain way in their generation, that is not true. What they really mean is that this is how people they knew were like when they were our age. Usually when people say this they are speaking negatively about any generation that isn’t their own.

One of the things that is most talked about regarding our generation is manners. The lack of manners in each generation is usually commented on by the generation before. Perhaps manners go back to Civil Rights days when if you didn’t have manners towards certain people it could cost you your life. In certain cultures manners are part of the religion. Or maybe it’s just common courtesy. The reason why manners are so important is a different conversation and article all together. In reality, there were always rude people. Even in Ancient Greece, based on what Homer says, there were definitely rude people through every time period of the human race.

Technology is a major part of not only our generation but previous ones as well. This is not to say that our parents’ generation was as connected to technology as our generation is today; it’s that lack of technology that made them how they are today. While we’re constantly on our phones checking social media and YouTube, they were doing activities besides surfing the web. The technology that we have makes us more connected to the world than previous generations. We can connect to tons of people by just being online. Being online makes most of us less in touch with the people around us, compared to previous generations; we are more connected with the people on the internet.

Maybe why previous generations are always saying stuff about our generation is because many of them had things a lot worse when they were kids. Especially the generation who was anywhere between ten and up during the Civil Rights area in the 60s. They went through so much for their kids to have an easier life. So when they are going on about how easy our life is, maybe they are kind of right. There are certain things that we take advantage of in our regular daily lives. When they are saying our generation this and our generation that, maybe that’s their way of saying, “Stop complaining about your very easy life.”

What most fail to realize is that people don’t change based on what year they were born in. You are who you are. There have always been people who weren’t connected to people in their regular daily. There have always been people who would rather be outside than inside. There were always people who liked looking at their reflection, whether it was in the water, a mirror or in a selfie. Yes, more people have access to things that would be considered not okay in previous generations, but those things were always there. More people have access to things that are great, which was not always there. As time has gone on, people have more access to things in life. Whether you use this access for good or bad is up to the person. And guess what? People have always been bad! Just because people have more access to all things, good or bad, isn’t our generation’s fault. As people we change and adapt, so it’s only natural that the things we make are going to change and adapt.

We are all people. People are influenced by what time period they are in and the ones that came before, but that does not mean that makes the person. The reason we can read books as old as Pride and Prejudice and The Odyssey is because we can relate with the characters. This is because, throughout time, people really don’t change. And whether or not we like the idea, it isn’t up for debate.