Is PC Gaming Superior to the Next Generation Consoles?

Recently, the gaming market has been expanding. With new, modern consoles, bigger, and better looking games are coming out.When most people think of gaming, they think of the Xbox One and PS4. The Wii U is not selling well because of the graphical limitations, and the lack of third party support. But, there is another option, which is the PC.

When people are buying their first gaming device, they will generally get the Xbox or PlayStation, or Wii U. This is because they are advertised more, so people assume they are superior. However, that is wrong in many ways. The PC is a powerhouse with lots of customization. The PC can be more expensive at first, but over time it becomes cheaper than buying a console. This is because when the hardware on a console gets old, you will have to buy a brand new one, whereas if some of the hardware gets old on a PC, you can just replace certain parts. A lot of people love consoles for their exclusives. The PC has many exclusives and is a very good way for indie developers to get their games noticed by fans.

A program many people use is Steam. Steam is an online gaming platform which is free to download. Steam is nice because you don’t have to pay $60 a year for a ‘premium’ membership just to play multiplayer or get free demos and other goodies. Also, the games are MUCH cheaper and you can play some games before they are officially released. There are a lot of free games as well. TF2 is a very popular first person shooter game where you get to play as many different classes. This game is made by Valve, which also made Dota 2, another popular free- to-play game. Steam itself is made by Valve, and it makes them millions of dollars.

But there are reasons to get a console. Some amazing exclusives on the PS4 are coming soon. Some of these are Little Big Planet 3, and Uncharted 4, A Thief’s End. Whereas on the Xbox One, all the exclusives are basically on the PC. Its launch title, yeah they seriously did that, came out on the PC along with Dead Rising 3. The only exclusive that the Xbox One will probably keep is Halo 5. Would you spend $500 dollars for Halo? I sure wouldn’t.

In my opinion, I am fine with a PC and PS4. If you are the type of person who is going to always have friends over to play games together, then the console is right for you. Somedays I want to sit back on the couch, and play a game on the TV, so the PS4 is also good for me. I love the PC because it has thousands of indie games, and exclusives. Also, why not get a PC if you will need your own computer later in life? Over all, the PC proves itself worthy of the gaming market, with its added ability to emulate games. Try playing Halo: Combat Evolved on your Xbox One, or the original Tomb Raider coming soon on the PS4!