Should College Athletes be Allowed to Make Money?

Do you think college athletes should be able the make money? Currently the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) does not allow this. Referred to by the NCAA as student-athletes, they are not allowed to sell autographs, or receive “gifts” containing money. They are also prohibited from having a contract with an agent without losing their amateur status, therefore losing the ability to continue competing in NCAA sporting events.

In 2011 the president of the NCAA, Mark Emmert, said “They are our students, so we don’t pay them.”

Football players and basketball players bring in huge amounts of money for schools. In April of 2010 the NCAA signed a 10.8 billion dollar contract with CBS to present the Division I Men’s Basketball Championship. This causes a problem for the NCAA on the topic of them paying the players, because the basketball and football players bring them a huge amount more money than any other sport.

In the past two years there have been a few suspensions for student-athletes selling autographs. They have also been some notable names. In the 2013-14 year the 2012 Heismen trophy (Heismen trophy is given to the best college football player of the given year) winner from Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel was caught selling autographs. This year two big names have been caught selling. The 2013 Heismen winner Jameis Winston, the quarterback from Florida State University, and one of the players who is on the Heismen watch this year, Todd Gurly, a running back for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Different players have different thoughts about the situation. There are player who believe that selling jerseys, pants, autographs, etc.
is wrong, and that players should “cherish” their items, and not try to make money off of them. There are some players who think that it is fine to sell their items but they would do it themselves. Then there are the players who believe that it is perfectly fine to sell items and would like to be allowed to do it.

So what do you think? Should college athletes be allowed to make money?

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