Fantasy Football: Pastime, or Lifestyle?

Many Americans today are obsessed with Fantasy Football.  But just how much do they play, and does it have negative effects?For those of you who do not know, Fantasy Football is an online game where people add real life players to their imaginary team and have those teams battle against each other. The players gain points by scoring touchdowns, getting receptions, and getting running or passing yards in real life. An injury can mean life or death for your team, and some players have breakout games where they get major yards after having not played for the entire year.

People cannot get enough of this virtual sports game. It is addictive, and some people obsessively micromanage their teams when faced with an important decision on who to play.

There are some consequences from people obsessing over it. It gets in the way of work that they could be doing instead of playing fantasy football. Estimates show that businesses have lost over six billion dollars from people who should have been doing work while messing around with their teams. Think of all of the things that we could have done to push technology forward faster.

I, myself love fantasy football.  I am in a league with six other people in the GFS seventh grade. There are people all over America, and people of all ages who play. Some people play for money, and some play for bragging rights.

Some types of people play more than others. Here are some statistics on who plays:

80% of players are male, 90% of players are white, the average age of a player is 34, the average player uses Fantasy Football for almost 10 hours a week, and about half of all leagues are for money. There are around 33 million fans over the age of 12 that play.

Ten hours a week is a ton, but it shows you just how much people can get into it. I encourage people not to start playing unless they have free time, because it sucks you in; if you have time, sign up for a league right before the football season begins. Maybe get some of your friends to play with you. It is a lot of fun, which is why it is so addictive.