Get Ready for the Big Battle: A Hobbit Preview

Get ready, the final Hobbit movie “The Battle of Five Armies” is coming!! Like any other crazy Lord of The Rings fan, I was so excited to hear that they were coming out with the movies. I had seen Frodo in the Lord of The Rings, but now I could see young Bilbo too!? Three new movies about my favorite book series I haven’t seen. I sound excited right?

Honestly, I was disappointed.

The first movie was fine (The Unexpected Journey). Great special effects, awesome actors and some cool backstory scenes. I was a little thrown off by the “pale orc”, but it was fine . I walked into the movie theater for The Desolation of Smaug with expectations and excitement for an awesome new movie. I sat with my popcorn and soda entranced with the beginning of the story of Bilbo Baggins.

An two hours later I was bored out of my mind by endless scenes of heads getting chopped off, running from monsters and scheming dwarves. They added an elf love story, a “great” plan in the lonely mountain and a foreshadowing end that makes you want to see the third movie. I am honestly not trying to be a hater here but I really did not find the second movie all that great.

On a more positive note I thought The Unexpected Journey was really good. Martin Freeman (no relation to Morgan Freeman) was the perfect Bilbo in my mind. The beginning was just how I imagined it looked like. I am honestly not trying to hate on the second movie but it just didn’t live up to my expectations. SPOILER ALERT! Bilbo is standing outside the lonely mountain everything is being destroyed and disaster is looming. He stands there and simply said “What have we done.” This end is a device to make you come back for more and pay more money. Completely genius but also particularly malicious.

The actors were absolutely phenomenal. Each actor was amazing in their role and it was a well cast movie. Not sure if you care but the makeup was very well done and so were the sets and costumes. The one thing that bothers me is this foreshadowing end.

I am very excited to see the third movie. But if you want to see it I would recommend watching the second movie first. Over all rating: 4 stars.


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