Pizzly Bear

Most people have heard of an animal called a polar bear, and most people people have heard of an animal called a grizzly bear. But have you ever heard of a pizzly bear, a bear living in the Arctic that is actually a hybrid mammal of a polar and a grizzly bear? Lots of hybrid animals are coming into existence, such as Ligers, Zonkeys, Wholphins, and many more. Some hybrid animals occur due to human interaction, but now they have started creating themselves.

Polar bear hunters are men and women going around the Arctic, hunting down polar bears, and killing them for sport, or to “protect” themselves from potential threats from these, already endangered animals. A small group of these polar bear hunters were pleasantly surprised when they were hunting and they were given a chance to be the talking scene for the next 10 years.

It was April 16th, 2006 in the Canadian Arctic: Jim Martell, a 65 year old polar bear hunter from Idaho was with a small group of men with similar hobbies as him when they found a target and shot it down. It was obviously dead. The men saw this as a victory until they walked closer to the beast and noticed there was something “different” about it. 

This bear was about the same size as a polar bear, white, and it had teeth like daggers. But it also had brown patches on its fur, a humped back, very long claws, and a concave facial profile, which are all characteristics of a grizzly bear. Jim and his associates went to a lab to see what the creature was, and it wasn’t a polar bear or a grizzly bear. The lab called it a pizzly bear or a grolar bear. And later DNA tests (May 11, 2006) show that this bear’s mother was a polar bear, and the father was a grizzly bear.

“I don’t think anyone expected it to actually happen in the wild,” said Ian Stirling, a polar bear expert with the Canadian Wildlife Service in Edmonton.

Upon hearing this, the bear was immediately stuffed and put into the living room of Jim Martell for full display.  This bear was the only pizzly bear found in the wild by humans ever. A new hybrid animal may have been found, but this is not the happy and magical story it may seem. 

This story leads back to the problem of climate change. When the ice melts, the polar bears are forced to a different area to live. Then when they see their closely related cousins, the grizzly bear, they create the pizzly bear. If there was not the problem of climate change, then those two bears would never even come into contact with each other.

This cute and cuddly looking creature is the product of one of the biggest problems faced by the world today,  global warming and climate change. But the only one ever seen, is now dead, but (if nature has its way) more may be created soon.