Robots in Everyday Life

Let’s start with my summation. Don’t expect to see a wide variety of robots on the street in the next year, but over time there could be robots doing more jobs then humans. Robots. An image of the future for the human race. We all dream that one day there will be a robot in each of our homes doing all of our boring chores, and working with no purpose. The closest we have come to that so far is the iRobot Roomba, the home robot vacuum that cleans your house while conveniently avoiding walls and chairs. Or the iRobot Mirra the pool cleaning robot.

The question is why haven’t we come further in the home robotics department? The answer is scientists are focusing their robotics efforts in creating robots that can travel to the moon or mimic the speed and agility of a jaguar. Boston Dynamics, a robotics’ company owned by Google is one of the few companies that have been able to create a cheetah like robot that can surpass 30 mph. In the coming decade, few companies have plans to release a series of domestic robots that could do tasks such as cook, clean, and help out generally around the house.

If you wait a little longer in Silicon Valley, you will be able to see the K5 robocop roaming the streets of California. The K5 will be able to use cameras and sensors to determine illegal behavior and contact the police station if neccesary. The K5 will not carry any weapons, yet, although the company has plans to incorporate a pepper spray dispenser on the robot in the first few years after it is released. These are examples of robots that in the next few years will start to appear in the streets.

Although it may seem scary at first to think that life-size robots will start roaming our streets, it is actually a safer way for the police to patrol the streets without having to send in as many live police officers. Connecting with some recent events in our country,  it seems important to have something providing a live video stream that could later be used for evidence. So don’t expect to see robots roaming the streets in the coming year, but it is just a matter of time we will see more robots taking the jobs of humans. Robots will also start perform tasks that seem minimal to us but could decrease risk when performed by a robot. One example is the Google Self Driving Car Project, Google created a completely self reliant car that uses a wide range of sensors to make the car the perfect driver. Statistics show that using the self driving car concept could decrease accident rates by 90%. These stats show that 90% of all vehicle accidents are caused by human error, Google’s idea was that putting a computer into a car could decrease the accident rate almost completely. This would create a safer, more accident proof streets and highways. This concept is coming sooner then first thoughts, four states already passed laws allowing self driving cars on the road. So expect to see some wider varieties of robots by 2020, but until then if your looking for the thrill of having a robot do chores for you then the iRobot Roomba will be a good choice.