Star Wars: The Fandom Awakens

With the first new live action Star Wars in nine years, the world has been wishing that they, too had a badass lightsaber broadsword. While the teaser trailer of The Force Awakens may have been short on footage, it had lots of food for nerds.

The trailer had a collection of very short clips, all depicting different things with a continuous dramatic voiceover, talking about the light and the dark side of the force, and the awakening of the force.

But besides all of the random, seemingly unrelated clips shown in the trailer, there is much speculation about what the actual plot of the new trilogy is going to be about. One thing we know is that contrary to what seems to have happened in Episode Six, the empire does still exist, and it is believed at the time the movie takes place, the empire will be rising once more.

It has also been speculated that the film will take place on Tatooine (from the shot with the speeder), and the home of the Gungans (from the shot of the x-wings flying in formation over the lake).

Besides many new and fresh stars, the trilogy will still star the “Holy Trinity” of Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill and will also include some voice acting done by Ian McDiarmid, the actor who played the emperor.

Just the shot of the John Boyega in the storm trooper outfit can be analysed. It implies by the time the movie takes place, that storm troopers aren’t all clones but are human as well. It also implies that the Luke Skywalker equivalent of this trilogy may have been part of the empire, but escaped.

Besides all of that, the one clip that has been pored over the most is the part with the (probably) Sith lord with the lightsaber/broadsword weapon. People have been arguing for weeks now about whether or not it could exist, whether or not it would be practical, and of course, whether or not it would kill the user. It has also been speculated that the actor is Gwyndelyn Christie (Brienne of Tarth) from Game of Thrones.

And, of course, Star Wars fans everywhere probably wet their pants when the Millenium Falcon flew into John William’s iconic while battling some TIE Fighters over another desert planet, also possibly Tatooine.

One other thing is that this trilogy will actually be released over the course of six years, with a spin off movie in between each trilogy movie. There are rumors of a Boba Fett movie and a movie focusing on one of the X-Wing fighter pilots.

It shall be very interesting to see the other teasers they release in countdown to December 18, 2015.