Student Wonder

Diallo Rabb, age 11, is an amazing contortionist. We call him “The Freakin’ Diablo” (his name of choice.) He put his body into various unnatural poses, and he has been entertaining us, here at newspaper for some time. Also he is a beatboxer, and an all-round crazy child.

Some of ‘The Freakin’ Diablo’s’ poses include the Possessed walk, where he does the crab walk, but twists his entire torso and arms around so that he is half-crab-walking, half-crawling. This is one of his most disturbing poses. Another of these poses is ‘Baby Arms,’ where he grabs one of his wrists, and twists his arm around so that his arm looks like a baby’s. One of the most weird poses is called ‘Flop Arm,’ where he puts his arm on the table, at a right angle, and then drops it so his shoulder is twisted up. Diallo is an incredible contortionist, and I don’t actually know if that will start hurting at some point.

Demonstrated in the annual Festival of Lights performance in early December, Diallo showed beatboxing abilities. Along with Mariah Aldridge and Madison Wells-McFee, the Freakin’ Diablo featured in a group named “Christmas Beats.” Mariah and Madison sang Christmas tunes while the subject of this article beatboxed in the background. When the songs ended, Diallo would make a screeching sound, much similar to the sound of changing records. At the end of the show, Diallo ran to the front of the stage and did jazz hands while dramatically kneeling. It was very fun to watch.

Being a student in his class, I can honestly say that he is a very crazy child. For Crazy Hair Day (part of the 6th Grade Spirit Week), he dyed some of his hair blue and put it in cornrows. Diallo Rabb is a crazy, beatboxing, contortioning child, and that’s pretty cool.

Photo credits: Will Terry and Noah Anninger