Fitting In: A Day in the Life of a Middle Schooler

Yelling. Laughing. Talking. Stomping. Doors opening. Lockers slamming. Footsteps falling. Cell phones dinging.

Middle School.

“It’s nuts! It’s crazy!  How do you people hear yourselves think?! It is absolute chaos!Lila Busser, 5th grade

And that’s just in the mornings.

Walking into the Sharpless building in the morning, you are bombarded with an intense amount of noise and people. Your friends are calling over to you, people are knocking by you with their over-stuffed backpacks, teachers are hurrying by, you are surrounded by people and things going on. Throughout the day, you are yelled at, complimented, graded, judged, anything you can think of, I can guarantee it has happened to at least one person within the middle school that day. People say middle school is one of the hardest times of your life. As sixth grade teacher Janet Kalkstein puts it, “Adults could not handle middle school.”

People say that in middle school, everybody tries to fit in with everybody else. In 6th grade, people are still pretty outgoing with their clothes and style. In 7th, almost everybody has the same style and that’s pretty much how it stays. Some adults say that many children are “attention seekers”, but in reality, everyone in middle school is just trying to fit in with everybody else. Trends are set by older teens, muted a little, and passed down to middle-schoolers.

Trends are set, friends pass it to you, and before you know it, you and everyone you know are wearing, using, liking, living the same stuff as everyone around you. But you don’t hate your friends for that. In fact, you probably become even closer with them. You bond over the strange ‘terribleness’ of middle school. Tons of kids find their best friends in middle school and are best friends for life. “Where did you meet your best friend? Middle School,” says Patrick Holden.  People join together in middle school. They find their best friends, they figure out who they are.

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