Consumer Electronics Show 2015

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the biggest tech show of the year. Hundreds of thousands of people come to see what the tech giants and small startups have to show off on the show floor. Each year there are few different sectors that lead the show. Last year CES was all about the smart watch: the Martian Notifier, the Pebble Steel and the Meta Watch were just a few of the many smart watches shown off at CES 2014. This year it was all about being connected. Connected with your home, with your watch, with your phone etc. Any device that has any wireless or bluetooth capabilities now communicate with each other. If there was anyone out there who couldn’t live without being able to send something from your car to your television, now you can finally rest. The other big scam at CES was the 4k/ Super LED televisions. In reality all HD televisions look mostly the same to the naked eye, but when the American consumer sees a “new” technology they jump to get it. Here are some of the many important products we saw released at CES:

  • Alcatel One Touch: A smartwatch with a nice change from the Apple watch and Android Wear platforms. Price: $114
  • Sling TV: A new type of television service promising to eliminate cable forever. Price: $20 a month
  • LG G Flex 2: A new version of LG’s 25 degree curved phone. Price: TBD
  • YotaPhone 2: The second model of the famous two sided phone. One side is an E-Ink display (Same as the Nook and Kindle), and the other side is a normal smartphone. Price: $845 off contract
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Active: A ruggedized ( Drop proof, water proof etc) version of the popular Samsung 8- inch tablet. Price: $700 off contract
  • Sharp Aquos Crystal: Sharp’s bezeless 5″ inch cell phone. Price: $129 on contract
  • Sony Action Cam: A GoPro action cam competitor best for filming adventure sports and activities. Its main feature is its waterproof, drop proof and dust proof camera with 4K filming abilities. Price: $500
  • CocoJet Chocolate 3D printer: A 3D printer that instead of using plastic uses chocolate to print 3D models. Price: TBA
  • Panasonic Experimental 4K player: A Blueray type device used for playing 4K content on your TV.  Price: TBA
  • Lamborghini 88 Tauri Smartphone: Lamborghini gets into the smartphone game with a 5″ inch smartphone. Cost: $6,500 (Includes earbuds)

So to sum up CES 2015, we saw a few major categories that will start to make our lives simpler, healthier, and more connected. Wether you are talking about your phone, car, kitchen, or even classrooms, the one thing that we can say for sure is that everything, no matter how simple, will become taken over by technology. Mobile World Conference begins in mid March. MWC focuses on the best new phones and tablets that we will see in 2015.  Until then, we hope that you enjoyed our coverage of CES 2015. See you next year for CES 2016!