Johnny Manziel: The Greatest NFL Player of All Time?

Johnny Manziel was drafted to the Cleveland Browns last year. But does he deserve to be in the NFL, and will he become a great legend?

Johnny Manziel was signed to the Browns for 12.5 Million from Texas A&M. That gave him his nickname, Money Manziel. He is good at football, which gave him the nickname of Johnny Football. I like to combine them and call him Money Football.

Johnny Manziel became the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy, which is a huge honor. He was also drafted to the MLB by the Padres, but he decided to play football instead. He was supposed to start the season, but during the preseason, he made an obscene gesture to the Washington Redskins after he lost a game. He was not allowed to play the first game of the season, and he was fined $12K.

Imagine yourself as Johnny Manziel. It is your first NFL game of your life, you have Josh Gordon, possibly the best wide receiver in the entire league at your fingertips, and everybody has huge prospects for you. Brian Hoyer, the quarterback who was filling in for you played most of the game terribly, and they decide to put you in for the fourth quarter to see what you are made of. You do amazingly. Everybody is talking about your huge breakout success, and the Browns want you to start the next game. The next game comes. You have prepared for this day for your whole life. You know you will do well.

But you fail. Horribly. The Browns don’t want you to play any more games because of your performance. That was the story of Johnny Manziel’s short lived NFL career.

People said that it was because he wasn’t ready for the big leagues, that he was used to college. People praised him for his QB scramble, calling him the new Russel Wilson, even though he failed.

I think that there is hope for him. He is a great QB, he just needs to learn some things. I believe in Money Football, and you should too.