Surprisingly Simple: Black Holes

These gigantic black objects in the sky mystify us all.  We all marvel at black holes.  But just what is a black hole? A legitimate scientific explanation of black holes escapes most people, and it’s actually much simpler than you might think.

We are all familiar with gravity, the force that holds the earth together and keeps us from jumping up into space.  Most people know that the more mass an object has, the greater its gravitational pull will be.  A black hole is simply a body in space that has gained so much mass that not even light can escape its gravitational pull!  Since nothing in the universe can travel faster than light, nothing can escape a black hole.  After one is created, it cannot go away. It can only get bigger.

There are many “myths” about black holes created by science fiction. These including time travel and travel through universes.  Many people disregard these ideas as impossibilities that were created as a plot device in science fiction but the truth is that black holes do in fact allow you to travel through time and universes!  When a black hole is spinning, as most black holes are, it may create a wormhole, a short path between two distant places or times in one universe, or even a path to other universes.

While black holes make these thing possible, humans will not be able to benefit from them.  If anyone jumped into a black hole, than they would be stretched at the bottom so much more than at the top that they would be ripped apart.  Some people also know that the more under the effects of gravity a person is, the slower time is for them.  At the center of a black hole, time stops.  If you tried to communicate with a person at the center of a black hole, you would literally be waiting forever for their response.

The simplicity of black holes is surprising.  They are just really heavy objects, and while they allow amazing things to happen, nothing sentient can experience these thing.  It really is a shame we would be ripped apart if we jumped into a black hole, because just imagine what it would look like if time stopped for you, but not everything else!

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