The Age of Terrorism

With the rise in attention to ISIS and other terrorist groups, the topic has been more prevalent than it has been since the years after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centers, creating attention with conspiracy theories (like the title), and news stories.

There is a new terrorist group on the rise, and they want global control. The perfectly executed social media campaign performed by ISIS has created so much fear and terror surrounding ISIS and related groups that many people flee to the Middle East and join the movement. This really shows a change in warfare and terrorism, where years ago the only things people knew was what the news told them. But now, because of the US’s strict free speech laws, Twitter and other social media sites have been under fire for deleting ISIS’s accounts.

As Osama Bin Laden once said, “We love death. America loves life. That is the difference between us.” ISIS and Al Qaeda are two of the world’s largest terrorist groups, and with them on the move westward, they could pose a serious threat to countries such as the US. To truly understand them, you’re going to need to know their backstory.

Al Qaeda started during the Cold War, during the proxy war between US and Russia in Afghanistan known as the Soviet War in Afghanistan. During this war, the US funded the Mujahideen to fight against the Afghan Marxists. The Mujahideen were a muslim militant group who wanted control of Afghanistan. The Mujahideen’s leader was Osama Bin Laden, who the CIA trained to fight in the war. Once the war was over, Bin Laden went on to found Al Qaeda, who went on to carry out the 9/11 attacks which made a lasting impact on the citizens of America. So technically (if unknowingly) the US funded 9/11. Some people do not believe that Al Qaeda orchestrated the September 11 attacks. “Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams” is a phrase that people who think that the US government made the attacks commonly say, as jet fuel cannot reach a high enough temperature to melt the steel in the beams of the twin towers.

ISIS, a.k.a. ISIL, or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, is a terrorist group like Al Qaeda that has been getting a lot of attention lately due to the social media attack they have orchestrated, releasing pictures and videos of some incredibly graphic violence and torture. One of the biggest problems created by ISIS is the fact that people from all over the world are going to join them due to extremists and radicals on the internet. It is a Caliphate, which means it is ruled by a Caliph, and because of this it believes that it has superiority in every way over the rest of the Muslims in the world.

Both ISIS and Al Qaeda have called for wars on the United States of America. They also pose serious threats as they move into countries outside of the Levant, Pakistan, and Arabia, such as Tunisia and Algeria. They are expanding, and both are looking for control of religion. But religion isn’t a thing that you should be able to control. The point of religion is to help understand the world in your own way, and when you force somebody into a religion, it loses its purpose.

By Julian Spiro and Jesse McIlhenny

Image credit – Wikipedia (It was actually ISIS but we weren’t allowed to give a link to their Twitter because they have beheading videos and they are terrorists)