Life as a Scottish Student

One plane full to the brim with businessmen, mid-year vacationers, a crying baby, and 6 very tired people from GFS: Kathleen Maguire, Naomi Laver, Isabella Garrioch, Jane MacRae, Abby Gaudinier, and Bob Reinhardt, on the way to the eighth grade exchange to Scotland. St Georges School for girls (boarding and day school) eagerly awaits in Edinburgh, Scotland.

After arriving on the Friday morning of January 15, the tired girls go to the school to get schedules, meet teachers, and take a well deserved nap in the boarding house. Arriving on a Friday makes the whole experience much easier because the girls could lie back and have their first exciting weekend in Scotland. Weekend trips included visits to Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile, and even a big trip to London.

Being far away can be difficult for anyone, but this trip put these girls into a whole new family. Everyone was paired up very well with good families and everyone felt very comfortable after a few days. Exchanges like these are great for making life long friendships.

In the morning, the first thing at St. Georges is the form class. This is like the American homeroom, but the form class shares most of their classes with each other. All the exchanges were split up into different form classes and sent off to experience school in the UK. Most of the classes there are the same as ours, everyone has English, math, history, etc. However, everyday there are longer classes and they only have each class about twice a week depending on the class. Science is done somewhat differently there, each student takes three sciences; chemistry, biology, and physics. Each of these science classes are taken once a week. There are some classes that GFS doesn’t have; ICT, and Religion and Philosophy.

Some things that happened during the month were, the older girls in the school were taking a big test called a prelim, a field trip to Glasgow, and a big dance show. The GFS girls and Miss Williams (Religion/Philosophy teacher) talked in an assembly in front of the whole upper school at the end of the trip.

Riding the airplane home from Scotland, girls already start to think of things to do with their new friends from St Georges. The first part of the adventure finished. Which ends another successful trip for the girls from GFS. Now the girls from St Georges (Lily, Olivia, Alice, Ruth, and Ellie) have come to our school. Having a different experience in a different school and everyone should make them welcome, and make some new friends from a different country.

~Photo by Bob Reinhardt