Why the 2010 Decade Deserves Better than The DUFF

Clueless. Mean Girls. Those words draw up memories of the clique movie of each decade. 90s was Clueless. 2000s was Mean Girls. And some will argue that The DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) is the clique movie for the 2010s. I laugh at this opinion.

Some will argue that the similarities in all of these movies is because they are all about the same thing, cliques in high school. But the difference between Clueless and Mean Girls is so great that the first reaction isn’t to compare these two movies at all. It may be that Clueless follows the life of the girl who is popular and Mean Girls follows the clueless girl going into high school. The humor in these two movies is funny but totally different.
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But I found myself already knowing some of the jokes when watching The DUFF for the first time. Right in the beginning, the main character, Bianca, is describing how cliques work in her school. And I’m just sitting there thinking to myself: where have I seen this before. A lame attempt at the joke but I know I’ve seen it. Oh wait, I remember:

Besides the stolen and poorly executed material, the storyline was predictable. It was not hard to see who would end up together at all. And before you say, no they’re all predictable, NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, SAW THE ENDING COMING IN CLUELESS, I’m just putting that out there.

Regina George puts the mean girl of The DUFF, Madison, to shame. If you are going to be queen bee, please practice your very cruel but hilarious jokes.
This guy,
The Duff.jpg
is the only thing that gives the much-needed comical relief to the movie. The fact that the only funny situations happen when he’s involved is kind of sad. Although The DUFF is entertaining, it’s certainly not the best clique movie. I wouldn’t even count it as the 2010 decade clique movie; I feel like you 2010 babies would deserve better than that.

P.S. Her realization speech sucked so much compared to Clueless and Mean Girls.