Drone laws

Drones are little flying robots which are made to improve our lives, but the government doesn’t want that to happen.

Drones can do a lot of things. They can deliver packages, shoot movie footage, and get arial shots of traffic accidents for news broadcasters. But the government won’t let you do any of those amazing things, rendering the extent of their ability to just this: flying around with little purpose.

The laws prohibit drone use that is intended for profit. This means that there will be no more cool aerial shots anywhere. This also means that drone companies can no longer give footage from their drones, so you cannot see what they can produce. This is because they are using the footage with the intention of profit, as they are trying to get people to buy them.

So if you are looking to buy a drone for whatever reason you have, I would recommend that you buy one soon, before they tighten the laws further.