The Sixers This Year

Have you ever seen a Philadelphia 76’ers game?  Have you ever heard of the Sixers?  If you have seen a Sixers game this season, you probably saw them lose.  The Sixers have 18 wins which is the third worst record in the NBA this year.  Why is this, you wonder?  Why are the Sixers so bad this year?

In 2011, the Sixers were one of the best teams in the NBA.  They had won 3 championships.  They also had really good players on their team.  The Sixers had Isaiah Thomas Jr., who scored average 20 points per game. Soon for some reason, Isaiah was soon traded.  The Sixers also traded Andrel Kirllenko who had never played a game for them.  Why would you trade him?  The Sixers also traded 23 year old, Michael Carter-Williams, who was a first draft pick.  Why do this, people ask?

There are many other good players that the Sixers traded.  The second round pick KJ McDaniels was traded to the Houston Rockets.  This is why the Sixers have been losing most of their games all of the sudden.  They have been trading amazing players.  Now, I bet you are wondering who makes these decisions?

The Sixers general manager, Sam Hinkie, 37, has been making all of these decisions.  The Sixers owners, Josh Harris and David Blitzer have let Hinkie trade all of these amazing players.  Why, some Sixers fans ask.  Why?  Here is what some people think.  The Sixers keep on losing games so that they can get better draft picks.  A draft pick is when good college basket ball students get drafted to play in the NBA by professional basket ball teams that are not having good seasons.  Right now, the Sixers are going to get the best draft picks because they set the new record for the third most loses in the NBA.

If this is what the Sixers are planning, then soon, the Sixers will be back on track.  The Sixers will soon have better players if they keep on losing basketball games.  As long as the players that are drafted are good, then this could be a good strategy.  If the players that the Sixers draft are terrible, then this strategy could backfire.  Who will the Sixers pick?

The Sixers are probably soon going to get Isaiah Canaan, an amazing point guard.  Hinki says that he has high hope for Isaiah.  Isaiah will probably be the Sixers first draft pick.  Then it will probably be D’Angelo Russell, a great basket ball player from Ohio state.  Russell is a PG.  A PG is a point guard.  A point guard brings up the basketball and passes it to his teammates or shoots it.  As you can see, Sam Hinkie keeps on picking better and better players for the Sixers.  If the Sixers keep up this losing streak, they could have the first draft pick.  The question is, will these draft picks be traded right away?

The answer to that is probably not.  Why would Sam Hinkie be trading all of these good players?  Hinkie wants good players on the Sixers.  Hinkie said that he had high hopes for Isaiah Canaan.  As you can see, Hinkie is probably not going to trade the Sixers draft picks.  In 2016, what do you think the Sixers will be like?

Do you know how the Flyers are talked about a lot and are having a great season.  In 2016 that might be what happens to the Sixers.  Since the Sixers are getting better players, them might win more games.  In the future, the Sixers are going to be better.  Better than they are now.  Soon, the Sixers are going to impress you.

The Sixers have been losing a lot of games this year.  They need better players.  Why don’t you go outside and shoot some hoops.  The Sixers need someone good on their team to help them win games.  Maybe you can be one of those people.

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