LaToya Miller: A Natural Teacher

We all probably know what its like to be a new student, but what is it like being a new teacher? Sixth grade teacher LaToya Miller leaned comfortably against the counter in her classroom as we spoke about what it’s like to be a new teacher at GFS.

LaToya said she always wanted to be a teacher. Her first gig was when she was twelve, teaching preschoolers at a church.She has been teaching on and off ever since.

“I love the idea of helping students learn,” She says.

LaToya has taught at a number of different schools and has learned something new from each environment.  LaToya says that every place is different, but the main thing that is different is that every place has its own different values and “GFS values peace, Quakerism and community. It is its own unique community.”

LaToya is a kind teacher with a great sense of humor; she even has a Charlie Brown picture and quote on her desk. She loves teaching because every day is different; and she learns new things all the time from everyone in the community.

According to LaToya, her least favorite thing about teaching is the end of the year because the community she grew and learned with must part ways.

We welcome LaToya to our community and are excited to learn from her as she learns from us.