The Great Divide: Moving Up Into Middle School

Most people think that life is better in middle school than in lower school. There are many similarities and differences in Lower and Middle school.

Moving up to middle school is big for 6th graders. From lockers, to moving to a new room for almost every subject, the 6th graders are busier than ever. There are changes that we like, such as more freedom and privileges, and there are changes that we would rather not happen such as less recess and being much more busy.

Sixth grader Anais Crothall says, “The teachers are expecting you to be more independent. They expect you to not need a buddy to go to some places, and they don’t have to tell you everything; you have to figure it out on your own.”

“There is a lot more freedom in middle school,” says 6th grader Kyaira Jordan. “The teachers are not much different, but they expect a lot more out of you than the teachers in lower school did.”

The newest kids to GFS think that there are more possibilities to choose and think about. With all the differences and similarities in lower and middle school, middle school is a time when you know that you are growing up and getting older.