The Popemobile Hits Philly

Written by Ada Yeomans and Annie Mclaughlin

Pope Francis was the fourth pope in history to ever come to the United States. He began his journey in Washington D.C., and visited the White House and Capitol Hill. Then, he headed to N.Y. and appeared before the U.N. General Assembly, and continued to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. And finally, he ended his trip by coming to Philly!

There were mixed feelings about his visit, some enjoyed him visiting Philly so they packed onto the streets hoping to get a glance of him. Others didn’t want to be disturbed about him coming so they left Philadelphia or they stayed in their home. The pope was a delight to Philly, people sang to him and he also blessed their babies. When the pope visited Philadelphia he visited many places one of the places he visited was The Curran Fromhold Correctional Facility.

The Curran Fromhold Correctional Facility is a prison that holds people who are awaiting trial or who have been sentenced after being found guilty of breaking a law. Pope Francis visited the prison on September 27 2015 at 9:15 am. Pope francis went to the prison to bless the people in jail and to speak to them personally. He washed their feet and gave a long speech to them about righting their wrongs.

The Pope visited Independence Hall on September 26 2015. His September itinerary also included visits to St. Martin’s chapel, St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, and Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul. The Pope was a delight to  Philadelphians and those who made the pilgrimage to Philly.

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