A Star Falls: Serena Williams in the U.S Open

The U.S. Open was different this time. Serena Williams didn’t win.

The day before, she had played and won against her older sister, Venus Williams. It was a tough match, and the score in sets was:

6-2, 1-6, 6-3

The next day, Serena Williams was playing against Roberta Vinci. Roberta Vinci is from Italy, and this was her first time winning something big. She planned to retire after this U.S. Open. It was great that she was retiring with a big win. Roberta  even admits she didn’t expect to win against Serena. The set scores were 2-6, 6-4, 6-4. It has been heard that Serena Williams was tired from her match the day before, and from the way she looked playing Vinci, it did look like she was tired.  After the loss,  Serena Williams was interviewed and said, “We {tennis players} should be happy for each other, you know what I mean? We gotta build each other up. We can’t be angry.” This shows that Serena Williams isn’t a bad sport.

Here’s to hoping that Serena returns with a vengeance at the next U.S Open!