We Are The Champions: USA!

Our country had a great achievement this summer. The U.S. women’s national team won the world cup. For those of you who are not avid soccer fans, the World Cup is the biggest title in soccer. The women won their third World Cup title, which breaks records because no other women’s team has ever done that and they got revenge on Japan who had beaten them at the last World Cup.

The ’15ers broke multiple records throughout this World Cup in Canada. The first being that they are the only women’s team to win 3 World Cup titles and Carli Lloyd, their center midfielder scored the fastest hat trick ever in World Cup final history in 16 minutes. The team had no losses throughout the whole tournament and in a very unsuspenseful final won 5-2. This is a landmark achievement for girls soccer all over the world.

Some problems? Well, the first is that even though the women’s team were doing so well many of the sports broadcasting channels did not broadcast this tournament. It was put on secondary sport’s channels that many people do not have access too. Despite their incredible accomplishments they received lots of negativity. A writer for the magazine Sport’s Illustrated posted an extremely upsetting and negative comment on Twitter. He said:


This was combated with a tweet from Mark Mravic who mocked this tweet by saying that “some people (ahem Andy Benoit) argue that women’s soccer isn’t worth watching.” And what followed it was a vine from the England-Norway game that had one of the most amazing goals I have ever seen. Two very important people laughed at Andy Benoit’s opinion. These people were Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers. They pointed out that women’s soccer was being put on secondary channels, that women’s sports is very exciting to watch and probably more so than golf which is being given viewing priority over them and that saying things like this on Twitter is simply unacceptable.

I agree with Amy Poehler, Seth Meyers, Mark Mravic and the hundreds of other people who were screaming at Benoit for this extremely inconsiderate comment. These women Carli Lloyd, Abby Wambach, Christie Rampone, Lauren Holiday, Hope Solo and so many others are being put on the level of the great Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain. They have really changed the opinions of so many people especially because of things like Title 9. These women have proven that girl’s and women’s sports should be recognized. They have become amazing role models for young girls all over the world aspiring to be soccer players. They did amazing things and deserve to be noticed.

The ’15ers wins, efforts and achievements are now iconic in America. (Maybe not as much as Brandi Chastain’s goal celebration in a previous world cup but still exemplary.) I applaud their wins for the country and as Jill Ellis (the head coach) said “This is a remarkable group of women and I couldn’t be more proud of  them. They epitomize what it means to be a team.” I think that nothing could be more true about the ’15ers. As players move on and retire (Lauren Holiday, Shannon Boxx and possibly Christie Rampone and the legendary Abby Wambach) I wish them all the best as they move on to the Olympics in Rio, and we should be very proud of their win.

(Picture from ESPN)