Are You a Feline Fanatic or a Canine Cheerleader?

Are you a “cat person” or a “dog person?” People who love their dogs can sometimes find it hard to see what cat owners see in their cats. Likewise, “cat people” can have a hard time seeing the appeal of sloppy dog kisses. There are several studies and many articles on the topic of the differences between so called “cat people” and “dog people.”  A recent scientific study shows that if cats could, they would kill you. Does that affect the number of cat people in the world?

According to several polls online, there are more people who like dogs than cats. And according to recent polls, the new study about cats killing their owners if they could hasn’t reduced the population of cat lovers.

Generally, dogs are known as the “family pet.” According to an article in the Huffington Post, dog owners are usually more healthy and fit because they have to walk their dogs on a regular basis. Their behavior can mirror their canines; dog owners have been known to be social, and love to be out and about talking to people. Dogs and their owners both seek companionship. Dog owners are generally extroverted.

According to the same article referenced above, cat owners are less social and outgoing than dog owners; they tend to be  introverted and shy. The article also states that about six percent more of US households own a dog than a cat. Dog people are 30 percent more likely to live in the country, while cat people are 29 percent more likely to live in the city. In a separate article, it states that cat owners are generally more intelligent, and sensitive but they don’t follow rules as closely. They are not obedient; they are independent, just like their feline friends.

So do I have to be one or the other? No. You can be both a “dog person” and a “cat person”, or a lizard person or a parrot person or a snake person or whatever catches your fancy, but it is interesting to consider the qualities that seem to be in common between cat owners vs. the qualities found to be in common among dog owners.