Bacon Butt Cancer?

You may have heard rumors about bacon and how it may cause colorectal cancer (butt cancer). And you’re probably either really sad or weighing the options: bacon or cancer. But what you need to know is that you may not be at as high a risk as you think.

Recent scientific studies have shown that eating bacon and other processed meats will increase your chances of getting colorectal cancer. The studies say that eating these meats will increase your risk of getting cancer, but by how much? The number that has been circulating and that you have probably heard is 18%. Without eating these meats you have a 5% chance of getting colorectal cancer. This does not mean that after eating 50 grams of bacon a day  your chances of getting colorectal cancer will be 23%.  What it does mean is that your chances of cancer are enhanced by 18% from the 5% risk you started with. In other words, after eating bacon for about one week (or 500 grams) your chances of colorectal cancer increase from 5% to 5.9%.

The numbers are 5% to 5.9%, which is significant from a scientific standpoint. But from the standpoint of if you can eat bacon or not, it’s not significant at all. Your plate of bacon and eggs every morning, is not going to give you colorectal cancer. But remember, not just bacon will increase your chances of getting cancer, salami, pepperoni, and other processed meats will as well. So be careful, and don’t eat to much bacon.