Is Two Too Much Trouble?

According to a press release, China is allowing couples to have two children now! But, will the people in China decide to have two children after 45 years of a one-child policy?  The law used to be a “one child” policy. In 1970, the leader of China , Deng Xia Oping, enacted the law that said Chinese couples could only have one child. The reason they had this law was to control population growth; there were too many people in China.  Deng Xia Oping said the law was needed to make sure that “the fruits of economic growth are not devoured by population growth.”

This has been the law for 45 years now. Why did they finally change it? Here’s why. In China, most people favor boys because boys could take care of their parents when they became old.  Since Chinese parents could only have one child, many made sure they had a boy.  Now there are too many old people and not enough young people in China to work and help take care of the old people.   There are also too many boys in China and not enough girls.  A national commission said changing the law “will benefit sustained and healthy economic development.”

The problem is not everyone in China wants to have a second child now.  A survey showed only 29 percent of couples said they will have a second child.   A professor in China explained, “I don’t think a lot parents would act on it, because the economic pressure of raising children is very high in China.”  A mother said, “It takes a lot of energy to take care of a child, and you want to make sure the child will have a good future.  So my husband and I have decided not to have a second child.”

It is a step forward, but this change in the law will not fix all the problems the one child policy caused.