This is not a prank.

Two Viners named Sam Golbach and Colby Brock decided to come make a video collaboration with a popular prankster named Sam Pepper. Little did Sam know that the other Sam (Pepper) would traumatize him forever. 

Two weeks after the Paris attacks, the popular YouTuber Sam Pepper wanted to make another one of his famous prank videos. This time, it was terrorist related. His idea for this one was to invite two of his friends to come help him with a video. He told Colby that they would be pranking Sam, and he was in.

This prank was that Sam G and Colby would be driving down the road in LA, when Colby pretends that the car has broken down. He goes to investigate and invites Sam to help figure out what is going on. Meanwhile, while they are trying to fix the car, Sam Pepper, dressed as a terrorist, sneaks up behind them and puts a bag over Sam’s head. Colby starts screaming and pretends that he is being kidnapped as well, when in reality he helps to tie up Sam and forces him into the trunk.

They take him to a rooftop in downtown LA, and tie him to a chair. Sam Pepper takes off the bag over his head, where he sees Colby blindfolded and with a gun held to his head. Sam G shrieks and begs for the attacker not to do anything, that they’re innocent, and what does he want. He has broken down into tears and struggled in the chair when Sam Pepper pulled the trigger on a gun loaded with blanks, and Colby pretends to drop dead on the floor.

Thinking that he has witnessed his best friend die to a gunman, Sam breaks down further and awaits his own death. At this point, Colby gets up and starts trying to tell Sam that he’s fine. Sam pushes him away, thinking that he is the gunman about to kill him. Once he finally stops screaming and shoving, he sees his best friend alive and is extremely confused. Colby tells him that “it’s just a prank” and Sam G cries into his arms.

After this video was made, it took Sam G two weeks to be able to make an outro for the video where he is visibly crying while remembering what happened.

Sam Pepper has already had controversial  moments, most notable a prank video where he grabbed unsuspecting stranger’s rear ends and brushed it off to the public as nothing but a social experiment. Multiple young women have accused him of raping them. He has had petitions for his channel to be removed, the most recent of which already has 50,000 supporters as of one day after this video was released.

YouTube has already stated that they will not be disabling his channel despite everyone who wants it. A lot of hate against him has risen, with the video having over 90% dislikes, and big YouTubers such as LeafyIsHere denouncing him for his actions.

How Sam Pepper and YouTube will respond to all of the outcry, time will only tell. But one thing is for certain, Sam (not Pepper) will most likely be scarred from this event. Being kidnapped and held at gunpoint by terrorists will leave a big impact on anyone, regardless of whether or not it is just a “harmless prank.”

The moral of this story is basically that sometimes what you could think is a harmless joke can be taken too far. If you’re thinking of doing some sort of prank or something along those lines, make sure you know the limits and boundaries of whoever it is your are doing them to so that trauma can be prevented. I also want you to consider this: how would you be impacted from that prank being done to you?

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