Peanuts Comic vs the Movie

Though animated and three dimensional, the newly released Peanuts Movie has strong similarities  to the long-running classic comic strip. Certain parts of characters, such as their eyebrows and mouths, look hand-drawn and wiggly, similar to the way they do in the comic strip.

The peanuts comic was originally directed mainly toward children, but the characters talk in a very sophisticated way. Charles Schulz, who wrote the comic strip, often showed the characters leaning on a wall having very psychological conversations. Lucy also has a “psychiatric help” booth where customers pay her five cents for her to help them with their problems and worries. Charlie Brown comes to this booth many times during the cartoons, and Lucy helps him to think positively about the future, reduce his wishy-washyness, and to live for the moment.

The characters most well known in this strip, from left to right picture?, are Pigpen, Peppermint Patty, Schroeder, Linus, Franklin, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Sally, Lucy, Marcie, and Woodstock. Throughout all of Schulz’s strips, roughly around 25 characters have been introduced. Some are unseen, such as Ms. Othmar, but some were removed from the strip, such as Shermy. Each one of these characters plays a different part in tying the story line together throughout the strips.

In the Peanuts movie, the characters were very much the same. They looked similar, but the red haired girl was actually shown, and Fifi, Snoopy’s crush, was added.

Many people in my class saw the movie. Turner Burns, a sixth grader at Germantown Friends School, said that the Peanuts Movie “has great characters and a both sad, happy story, full of emotion.” But did the Peanuts Movie stay true to the original strip? Turner says yes. “When watching the movie, you really felt like you were watching a real Peanuts movie. You didn’t lose any of the great aspects of the strip, but gained the great looks of modern animation.” Other folks weren’t so happy about the Peanuts Movie staying true. One second grader who hadn’t even seen the movie was going around trying to get everyone not to watch the movie because it wasn’t like the strip.