Royals Capture 1st Title in 30 Years

      Baseball history was made in five days in October of 2015, as it usually is. Two elite sports teams faced off in those days, and one would come out victorious. But who, you ask? For the first time in 30 years, the Kansas City Royals won a title as the best team in baseball in 2015.      The New York Mets took on the Kansas City Royals at their home stadium Citi Field for the first two games. The first game was much closer than the rest with a score of 5-4, Kansas coming out on top. They won the next game too, 7-1. Now, it was off to Kauffman stadium for games three, four, and five. They wouldn’t come back to Citi field for games six and seven.

     The third game was on the Friday before halloween. The game was close until the Mets broke open the game in the later innings. The Mets finally won a game! They had beaten the Royals 9-3. There was no break for the teams because the next day there was another game. The series was close with Kansas City’s 2 games and  New York’s 1 game.

    The next game was a win for The Royals, but it probably would have been a win for The Mets again if it hadn’t been for New York second baseman Daniel Murphy. His error in the eighth inning of game 4 costed New York the tying run, and probably the win. The play was one he probably practiced every practice and made most other games, but that day, he didn’t. It was a chopper a little to his left hit by Eric Hosmer, Kansas City’s first baseman. As he reached down, the ball slipped under his glove, and into the outfield. The Royals went on to score two more runs before the inning ended, and the game ended with a score of 5-3, Royals on top.

     Both Teams knew that the game they were going into could decide who would be the victor of the 2015 world series, and it did. The game went to 12 innings but the Royals finally scored in the 12th inning, and won, securing their world series title. This was their first in exactly 30 years. So, the 2015 world series ended in The Mets almost being swept, and the Royals taking the title.