The Recent Violence in Tel Aviv

It was January 1st. My sister, father and grandmother were all exchanging their farewells. Suddenly a few ambulances and a few police cars passed by. My family understood something was wrong. Later, they found out that a Palestinian terrorist shot 9 people, killing two of them just a mere block away.

Such violence is not new to this part of the world. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict erupted in 1948 when the U.N. divided Palestine between Jews and Arabs. The Jews wanted to establish a Jewish state. During World War II more and more Jews wanted a “safe haven” in order to escape from the Nazis. Both groups considered the land theirs. In the 1948 war Israel won and conquered much of the land.

As a result of the war many Palestinians became refugees and strong tension has been building ever since. In 1967 there another war took place in which Israel has since occupied a large portion of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Up until today all peace talks failed and violence has never subsided.

In 2014 a war between the Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Israel broke out as tension increased. Three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and killed. Soon after, the war began.  The Hamas fired rockets at Israel almost every day, but  almost every single rocket was intercepted. This was not the case in Gaza. Over 200 people had died there from Israeli strikes.  To me, this seems terrible, how the Israeli government killed over 200 people and the Gaza strip and yet almost none were killed in Israel.

The day when the shooting happened my family and I had been in Israel for a visit. The terrorist shot 9 people and escaped, evading capture; he was shot dead in his refuge house several days ago. Such instances of violence may be very scary, but one has to keep in mind that the violence is not a mere act of illogical aggression.